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F033 Blockchain in Healthcare: A new comprehensive book guide

Anyone who wishes to learn about blockchain in general or specifically in healthcare can get overwhelmed by the number of results offered by a Google search. Awareness of the difficulty of finding credible, helpful and nuanced information around blockchain, was among the triggers for the book Blockchain in Healthcare Innovations that Empower Patients, Connect Professionals and Improve Care.

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F021: What is the CDC doing with blockchain?

Apart from two internal projects — on for a more coherent reporting on epidemics, the second one for opioid crisis monitoring — CDC is exploring potentials of blockchain in connection to other agencies such as the FDA. Efforts are also put into research about the potentials of connecting local health authorities, WHO and CDC representatives in Africa for a better tracking and intervention on epidemics in Africa.

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F020 Blockchain, value of data, and the role of legislation with adoption (Ray Dogum, Health…

The way we view data today is going to radically change in terms of ownership, says Ray. In the future, we will have more autonomy and will not to have to give away our data ownerships right to intermediaries. Until we get there though, one of the key things blockchain solutions need to figure out is the user experience and managing private keys.

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