Digital Health in Japan, China, Israel, Dubai, Germany, and Bolivia


The mission of Faces of digital health podcast is to share insights to multiply ideas for worldwide healthcare improvement. For this purpose, guests come from various countries and share their insight into different cultures, quality of life around the world and various healthcare systems.


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This short recording offers a snippet of thoughts about digital healith in China, Japan, Germany, Dubai, Israel, Japan, and Bolivia.


- Shafi Ahmed, a futuristic surgeon from England, currently helping set up a futuristic hospital in Bolivia,

- Kyoko Watanabe, a US-based VC from Defta partners, 

- Brian de Francesca, an American with 20 years of experience working in Thailand and now running his telemedicine company from Dubai,

- Levi Shapiro, connector, VC and entrepreneur from Israel, 

- Bay McLaughlin, an American VC, entrepreneur, and speaker based in China, who among other thing writes a weekly column in Forbes titled “This Week in China Tech”,

- Klaus Stoeckemann, VC from Peppermint Venture Partners.

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